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Wellness check

January 9th, 2019

What was supposed to be a short holiday hiatus turned out to be longer than anticipated due to some family stuff. Maura’s mom passed away and my dad was hospitalized for numerous health issues including a minor stroke.

I considered taking this as a sign that the chapter of my life which this site played no small part of had come to an end, and maybe it was (long past) time to move on. Then I admitted that nothing short of a global apocalypse will ever do in this stupid blog.

At the very least, I feel obligated to see Role Playing With the Changes given a proper — if overdue — conclusion.

6 Responses to “Wellness check”

  1. Aaron Poehler

    Stay strong and know we’ll be here when and if you decide to return.

  2. Scholar-Gipsy

    As someone whose 2018 featured one parent’s lengthy hospitalization and the other one’s death, I am as full of sympathy as a stranger can be.

    Take care of yourself and your loved ones; those of us who follow AT will still be here when your life quiets down a bit (as I sincerely hope it does soon).

  3. EAG46

    Condolences to Maura on her loss. Hope your dad will be okay in recovery. You take care of what needs taking care of. *hugs* We’ll be here when and if you are ready to come back.

  4. Zeno

    Condolences to Maura and best wishes for a thorough recovery for your Dad.

  5. sjb

    Family first…blog a distant second 😉

  6. Pedro de Pacas

    Thank you, Mister Weiss. Take your time, but don’t forget about us. Your family is in our thoughts.

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