Armagideon Time

That’s right, kiddies. We used to get our monster movie fixes on magnetic tape spooled inside a hard plastic shell. And those suckers weren’t cheap, either. Even the discount bins at dead retail chains like the dreaded Suncoast Video or the terrible Tower Records ran as much if not more than the day-one DVD release of a current blockbuster does.

And even if you could work up the scratch and unholy will to buy one of these fragile beasts, you’d have to deal with >a cantankerous hunk of technology that was prone to eating your expensive prize alive — leaving only a messy spool of knotted tape and a whole lot of heartbreak behind.

Even if it avoided this ordeal, the purchase was ultimately fated to gather dust in the attic or be used as an impromptu building block by some toddler. The luckiest ones found a permanent home gathering dust in a Goodwill. Most simply rotted in damp basements or were hauled out by the boxload to the curb on trash day.

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One Response to “Halloween Countdown: Day 19 – Reel life horrors”

  1. Scholar-Gipsy

    Decades back, before it was available on VHS, a friend with a celluloid copy of the Spanish-language “Dracula” screened it for us. I’d heard it was more overtly sex-ay than the Lugosi version, and indeed it was so, with the actress playing Mina describing a bite from Drac feeling “as if he’d taken my virginity.” So much for subtext.

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