Armagideon Time

Fawcett City is burning

April 17th, 2009

(from Captain Marvel Adventures #136, health September 1952)

“Hey, visit this site Billy? I understand that we needed to dress like this to bust up that coven of gender separatist witches, heart but that was three months ago.”

“I dunno, Mister Morris. I’ve grown kind of fond of my schoolgirl ensemble.”

Shut up, Dexter.”

Recommended listening: The Buckinghams – Kind of a Drag (from Kind of a Drag, 1967) – In which a Windy City outfit masquerades as a British Invasion import.

One Response to “Fawcett City is burning”

  1. themadblonde

    A lovely bit of musical counterpoint surreptitiously supplied to an otherwise unsuspecting pop-population. Not unlike the Sibelius ostenato slipped into the musical bridge of “Beach Baby.”

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