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Outflow, inbox

December 14th, 2017

I recounted a embarrassing personal anecdote a few years back, which good pal Cathy Leamy offered to render in comics form. She did a fantastic job with it (and was adamant about getting the feline supporting cast as accurate to their real-life counterparts as possible.

Other than that, there is isn’t much I can add…except “sorry, not sorry.”

I still have nightmares about the incident in the last panel.

6 Responses to “Outflow, inbox”

  1. Cathy Leamy

    I can’t decide if the best part about this project was reading about IBS or looking at lots of reference cat photos.

  2. Scholar-Gipsy

    “And I do have to change the litter box anyhow…”

    Having lots of cats changes a person. I’ve never gone native in the way you describe, but I’ve got equivalent horror stories from our nine.

  3. joecab

    Oh god was it in North Station pre-Boston Garden renovation?? How did you survive?

  4. bitterandrew

    I was lucky, Joe, because Candyman must’ve been busy elsewhere.

  5. @misterjayem

    As a cat-lover who has also had more than his share of sub-optimal restroom emergencies, I really appreciated this strip

    Nothing quite like a good story well told.

    — MrJM

  6. EAG46

    Part of me is impressed with your quad strength, part me is grossed out, and part of me wonders if your cats still hold you in the same regard.

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