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New jam from old jars

January 9th, 2017

One of my reasonably ambitious plans for Armagideon Time in this grim new year is to revive a few of the features that have fallen by the wayside for various reasons.

While Nobody’s Favorites is at the top of that list, I’ve also decided to bring back….

For those of you who’ve arrived here after its hiatus two years ago, the UPJ was a collaborative art jam. I’d roll up random collections of stats and abilities using the Ultimate Powers Book from TSR’s Marvel Super Heroes RPG, and an awe-inspiring roster of creative talents would craft something weird and wonderful from the randomness.

You can check out the incredible results here.

It was a fun community experience that spotlighted the imaginative and artistic skills of a incredibly cool roster of folks, and enough time has passed to make it worth revisiting.

If you’re interested in participating in the Jam’s revival as a writer, artist, or strange combination of the two shoot me a message a bitter-dot-andrew-at-gmail-dot-com and we’ll get the dice a’rolling.

4 Responses to “New jam from old jars”

  1. Chris Wuchte

    I think that feature was from before I discovered your blog. But I loved the Ultimate Powers book as a teen. It was the first thing that actually made that game interesting for me, but sadly all my friends began to drift away from the game at that point, so I never got to use it as much as I’d hoped.

    Several years ago I sold my copy on eBay, and apparently what I wrote about it was glowing enough that the actual writer of the book e-mailed me to say “thank you.”

  2. Christopher Pinkleton

    I still have my UPB! It was the reason my friends and I played MSRPG.

  3. WK

    Nobody’s Favorites should be at the top of the list. Ultimate Power Jams is a good #2 choice. This longtime reader is looking forward to it.

  4. bitterandrew

    Nobody’s Favorites is on deck! I just have to finish reading some more lousy old comics first.

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