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Those Demim Ones were gone now, relegated to the dim limbo of consignment shops and Planet Aid drop-offs; but their dead bodies had told their fashion secrets in dreams to the first men, who created a style which had never died. It had always existed and always would exist, hidden in distant closets and dark wardrobes all over the world until the time when the great priest Osh’kosh’b’gosh, from his retail storefront in the mighty city of St’rip Ma’al, should rise and bring all trousers again beneath his sway. Some day he would call, when the measurements were ready, and the fashionistas would always be waiting to liberate him.

These jeans we wear were once theirs, and will one day be theirs again.

D’kron c’tton b’lend.

– H.P. Toughskins, “At the Inseams of Madness.”

Recommended listening: Fred Schneider – Monster (from Fred Schneider & The Shake Society, 1984)

Musak for the Mall of Cthulhu.

(originally posted to AT 1.0 on 10/16/2007)

4 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Day 23 – In strange aeons, even acidwash will die”

  1. EAG46

    Where did you get that little stuffed monster thing? I have friends that would like that.

  2. bitterandrew

    My wife bought it for me from some geek catalog a decade ago. It’s an Elder Thing from the Lovecraft Mythos.

  3. Kevin Lighton

    It’s a Toyvault Nyarlathotep, if that’s any help trying to find one.

  4. EAG46

    Thanks. I can probably find it at conventions or on EBay.

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