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As much flak as geekdom gets for its obsession with dubious “collectable” crap, it still has a little ways to go before it catches up to the true masters of the kitschy craft.

I was utterly traumatized by both the book and movie versions of The Amityville Horror as a kid, but that was over thirty-five years ago and evaporated following a thorough debunking of the tale on — of all places — That’s Incredible.

The notion of dropping sixty bucks for a seasonal dust collector based on the franchise is beyond bizarre, especially because it looks cut from the same sweatshop plaster mold that produces those “Halloween Village” diorama sets for strip mall craft stores.

Even weirder, this is supposed to be the initial offering in an entire line of “famous American haunted houses.” What’s the criteria for inclusion there? A mass murder followed by a load of easily debunked nonsense pushed by bullshit artists with an agenda?

If so, expect to see Sharon Tate’s Benedict Canyon home and the Sandy Hook Elementary School as future ready-to-display installments.

Recommended listening: Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra – This House Is Haunted (from The Complete Okeh And Brunswick Hits, 2001)


The scratches you here are coming from INSIDE THE GROOVES.

3 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Day 4 – Memories that refuse to die”

  1. Chris Wuchte

    Sixty dollars for what looks like nothing more than a ceramic house. How would anyone even know it’s supposed to be haunted?

    About thirty years ago, a relative who didn’t know me very well ordered me a Three Stooges Collector’s Plate for Christmas. This company (or perhaps a similar one) called me for years trying to get me to buy the rest of the collection. The sole time I spoke with them, they kept trying to convince me, a teenager who didn’t understand why my aunt thought I would want such a thing in the first place, that without the complete collection the plate’s value would go down.

  2. Chelsea Girl

    This looks like a Thomas Kinkade house.

  3. Zeno

    If I knew future installments involved models of, say, Ed Gein’s barn or the Bender Inn & Grocery then I might wade into this but (shrug)…

    p.s. – Perfect alt-text on the photo.

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