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Cool calculated alone

August 29th, 2016

I went on a Rick Springfield music video bender last week. It’s nothing I feel proud about, but it happened and there’s no point in denying it.

On the plus side, I did come across this shot in one of the Rick’s more cringeworthy concessions to the Golden Age of Concept Video…

All these months we’ve been wondering why this year has been such a shitshow, and the answer was right there —

— we just needed the HUMAN TOUCH…and a little more art direction.

(Though if it requires having to do a cheesy dance routine, I can learn to live with the shitshow.)

4 Responses to “Cool calculated alone”

  1. Zeno

    Nothing screams retro-futurism like gauntlets without gloves.

    Incidentally, Rick Springfield was recently outed as owning one of the finest private collections of MOC Kenner Star Wars action figures in the world. Looking at this video makes me wonder how far back his preoccupation with keeping future-people inside little plastic cases actually goes.

  2. Viru

    I always though that this, actually, is a good song… Springfield IMMO was a good songwriter.

  3. sallyp

    Well! I just feel so darn special!

  4. bitterandrew

    Viru: He was a top-notch powerpopper who got saddled with a Tiger Beat tag.

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