Armagideon Time

After a three year hiatus, the annual tradition where I contact a nasty October bug has return with a vengeance. Even better, it’s a head/chest cold combo accompanied by gallons of snot and muscle-wrenching coughing jags.

The household nickname for these contagions is a “werewolf flu,” in that the symptoms mellow during the daylight hours before returning in full force after the sun goes down. I don’t know why this happens to be the case, but it’s great for instilling a false sense of recovery in which I tend to overexert myself before shit goes south again.

I’m going to try and not make that mistake this time by limiting today’s activities to lots of rest, plenty of fluids, and watching some MST3K DVDs from beneath a pile of warm feline companions.

We’ll see how well it works, because I don’t want to spend the rest of the month hacking like a consumption case.

Recommended listening: A Trois Dans Les WC – Contagion (from a 1979 single)


The pandemic has gone global.

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