Armagideon Time

(from “Your Name Is Frankenstein” by Stan Lee and Joe Maneely in Menace #7, September 1953)

I’d be slightly more charitable towards the “man is the real monster” cliché if the tales in which it appeared didn’t also feature werewolves, vampires, aliens and zombie hordes.

Sure, humans can be petty, violent and animated by irrational fears, but it’s more than bit bizarre that those behaviors are somehow more unnatural than the predatory supernatural hellbeasts stomping around within the same fictional universe.

“Yes, MAN is the REAL MONSTER!”

“What about the dozen animated corpses that ate your entire family?”

“Nope, still not as monstrous as man.”

Recommended listening: Front Page – Monster (from a 1979 single)


On the other hand, hooky punk pop is a cliché I’ll gladly get behind.

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