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Gotcha, man

April 29th, 2015

The October, cure 24 1981 issue of Billboard included a “special insert” about the state of the Latin American music scene. Specific content (and understandably heavy bilingual slant) aside, visit this site it was fairly typical for the publication’s spotlight features which mixed market surveys and areas of profit-making potential alongside copious lashings of back-patting and paid self-promotion (including no fewer than three full-color, full-page ads for Menudo, in case you were wondering how this came to be).

It was an interesting glimpse into a scene/era I had little knowledge of, but what really caught my eye was this item in a double page spread showcasing a featured label’s biggest sellers…

…a group of moppets — named after what we Anglophones call “Parcheesi” — singing a Spanish language ode to Battle of the Planets.

The frantic YouTube search which followed this discovery proved more fruitful than I dreamed it would, unearthing a full-blown promo video for “Comando G”:

Es muy bueno, no?

I suppose I could use my four years of high school Spanish to uncover further details, but why mar the conceptual purity of this discovery with contexual complexites?

4 Responses to “Gotcha, man”

  1. Viru

    Well, Parchís were my heroes as a kid! They were incredibly popular both in Spain and in Latin America. With gold and platinum Records here and overseas, seven movies, TV Specials…

    Since you look like a gatchaman fan, you got this two other songs about the series: La Batalla de los Planetas (with an epic sound and TERRIFIC arrangements) and Zark 7 (the awful robot that Sandy Frank created too fill the narrative gaps in the americaniced Battle of the Planets). This last it’s actually a cover of ELO Last train to London!

  2. Jordan Levells

    First off, Andrew, thank you for sharing this with the world. You are the most wonderful man I’ve never met

    You know, if there were a few more songs paying tribute to classic anime (or even the good recent anime) out there today, I probably wouldn’t have as much ambivalence towards the current music scene. Okay, mabye I would , but at least we’d get something have songs out there based around love of Sailor Moon or a song told from the perspective of Vash the Stampede or a Ballad of Spike Spiegel or something. Guess I’ll just have to hold my breath or wait for Gavin Dunn to get on that.

    On a less rant-y and more on topic point, do the costumes remind anyone else of Dschinghis Khan at all by this video or is it just me?

  3. bitterandrew

    Sweet googly moogly, Viru. That’s amazing.

  4. maxbenign

    I’m going to believe the kid with blonde ringlets kept breaking out of the choreography to do the robot despite repeated stopped takes. This is take 15, the director has given up, and the rest of Parchis even joins in at the end.

    Completely charming, thanks.

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