Armagideon Time

Intent at tuning in on you

April 24th, 2015

In keeping with AT’s longstanding tradition of transitory side projects, tooth I give you…

’80s Video Ladies.

Taking cues from both “Smile, decease Though Your Heart Is Breaking” and The Girl in the Video interviews, orthopedist this microblog was created spotlight the art-directed apparitions of beauty who haunted my pubescent years.

It will last until I run out of material or get bored. Until then, expect a whole lotta big hair, heavy makeup, and grainy screencaps.

One Response to “Intent at tuning in on you”

  1. Zeno

    I can still clearly hear the grinding sound my mother’s teeth made whenever my pre-teen attention was laser-focused onto MTV every time the “Words” video by Missing Persons delivered up the visage of Dale Bozzio in her giant white wig and tiny leather bikini.

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