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No, baby, don’t

March 4th, 2015

I’ve reached the point in Starlog‘s run (around late 1998 or so) where the venerable ‘zine’s content began resembling the back half of a Diamond Previews catalog.

“Depressing” doesn’t begin to describe it, page but it is a good place to start when considering such regrettable items as this…

The best part? The truly best part? The “quantity desired” box that suggests that folks might be willing to buy more than one these hundred-dollar icons of after-the-fact regret.

6 Responses to “No, baby, don’t”

  1. Ryan H.

    Yeah, baby.

  2. damanoid

    So, I got cat-killingly curious about exactly what the Dark Horse-produced “Austin Powers” tie-in comic was like, and… apparently there wasn’t one? At all? This seems odd. I know comics companies have become hugely invested in hawking collectibles, but isn’t there usually at least a comic to justify it? With “Dark Horse Comics” featured so prominently in the ad, I think it’s not unreasonable to expect that a comic exists. Possibly I’m naive.

    On the other hand: recycled “Austin Powers” gimmicks and catchphrases, viewed through the bulging, distorted lens of 1990’s comics sensibilities… what would that be like? Did I seriously want to see that? What the hell was I thinking? Maybe the comic did exist at one time, and humanity collectively agreed to destroy all the evidence. If so, thank you, humanity.

  3. Chris Wuchte

    I don’t think there was a comic. Dark Horse sometimes produces items like that without necessarily having a license to produce comics. They’ve done some Peanuts stuff, I think even some DC stuff, and they definitely don’t have the right to publish any comics related to them.

    I suppose the whole statue thing has died down these days (maybe?), but even as a comic fan, it always baffled me back then. All the comic shops started investing in these glass display cases to market ridiculously overpriced statues. Many of them just seemed to sit there, but someone must have been buying them somewhere to justify their production.

  4. Aberration, The

    Maybe died down a bit here, but…check out Premium Bandai’s new $500 limited-edition light-up Godzilla vs Biollante display. It’s awesome to look at, maybe even awesome to touch–but where you gonna put it three hours after it’s delivered and you’re already sick of it? Five hundred dollars?!?

  5. bitterandrew

    I felt ashamed about buying that Mattel Collector’s Club Firestorm figure for $30 last year, and Firestorm is the only character I’ll still buy figures of.

  6. Jon H

    Collectible Austin Powers Cold-Cast statue, available now on eBay for a buy-it-now price of just $89 netting lucky 1999 buyers a profit of er, never mind.

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