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Can you feel the electricity, treatment my children? Because it’s time for a super-charged new installment of…

…in which I use the character creation rules in the Marvel Super Heroes RPG’s Ultimate Powers Book to roll up a random batch of powers and abilities, this web then sit back and watch as some incredibly talented folks work their creative magic upon the quantified chaos.

This week’s entry comes courtesy of “Calamity” Jon Morris.

Disgraced geneticist Dr.Harvey Thriller harbored an ambition. Inspired by the example of superhero scientist/inventors like Reed Richards and Tony Stark, Thriller envisioned himself at the head of a superheroic squad of acclaimed defenders of goodness, leaping into action to defend liberty and freedom and freedom from the forces of evil! (And maybe to snap off a piece of the fame and fortune his idols acquired through their do-goodery)

The thing is, superheroes don’t exactly grow on trees. That’s why Dr.Thriller, rather than searching out super-powered partners for his planned exploits, merely abducted orphan babies and infused them with genetically enhanced abilities so that he could raise his own superheroes! An obvious solution, ne c’est pas?

Up until the point he was arrested by SHIELD and his subjects were taken to a special children’s care extension wing of Project PEGASUS, it was also a smashing success! Among his many triumphs were such subjects as the Orgone-manipulating Richie Reich, Little D.O.T. (Demolitions Ordnance Technoform), Hell Bro the Devil Kid and Jasper the Indentured Spectre, just to name a few.

Among his triumphs was also Litzwire Lotta, a slightly dim-witted, bull-headed and scale-busting mountain of a young girl whose obesity seemed to preclude her from participating in any sort of superheroic adventuring – but, in fact, was the source of her powers. Surprisingly agile and possessed of remarkable endurance, Lotta was also capable of transforming anything she consumes into pure POWER! From mere matter – Lotta can easily consume many times her own weight of any material,edible or otherwise – to intangible energy (including human psychic energy!), Litzwire Lotta can boost her own capabilities immensely!

From strength to speed to intellect, she’s a potential powerhouse of almost limitless ability – but if she absorbs too much without releasing her energy, bad things will happen! That’s why SHIELD has chosen to implement Litzwire Lotta in limited engagements with supervillains and enemy agencies, despite her young age! Keeping her energy engaged keeps SHIELD and Project PEGASUS from housing a source of potential destructive power that might level half a state!

(Titanic text and astounding art by Jon Morris. UPJ logo provided by Dave Lartigue.)

Are you an artist, writer, or terrifying combination of the two who’d like to try your hand at the Ultimate Powers Jam? Then drop me a line at bitter(dot)andrew(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll commence the dice to rolling!

3 Responses to “Ultimate Powers Jam #35: Litzwire Lotta”

  1. stavner

    Awesome! Thanks, Jon!

  2. damanoid

    Follow this up with Red/Blue Lotta and I will legally marry you in Florida.

  3. Aberration, The

    *peers intently*
    …that says “Flicker”, right?

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