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It’s the evening of December 7, 1991. I am sitting on a bench outside the movie theater in Copley Plaza, waiting for my date to arrive. I am terrified. This is more than the typical first date jitters. The woman I’m waiting for is a fellow member of the UMass Boston’s Sci-Fi Club. I’ve known […]

“On the evening of April 16, 1917, Comrade Kermit stepped onto the platform and addressed the awaiting crowd. ‘Down with global capitalism! We are defenders of the Rainbow Connection, comrades! The lovers, the dreamers, and myself know that we have finally found it! We have nothing to lose but our slightly visible strings!’ He then […]

New jam from old jars

January 9th, 2017

One of my reasonably ambitious plans for Armagideon Time in this grim new year is to revive a few of the features that have fallen by the wayside for various reasons. While Nobody’s Favorites is at the top of that list, I’ve also decided to bring back…. For those of you who’ve arrived here after […]

Those Demim Ones were gone now, relegated to the dim limbo of consignment shops and Planet Aid drop-offs; but their dead bodies had told their fashion secrets in dreams to the first men, who created a style which had never died. It had always existed and always would exist, hidden in distant closets and dark […]

There have been several occasions where videogames have seen me through some rough patches in my life. The active engagement required in playing certain games helped to distract me from my problems long enough for them to subside or be dealt with properly. I mitigated the agonizing pain of last year’s pair of abscessed teeth […]

The Prince caught it in the back down on Bourbon Street. Donny was a pacifist, now he’s cold meat. Tula gulped a lungful of toxic waste. Kid Psycho was squashed into a fine paste.Psycho, I miss you more than all the others and I salute you, brother. Those are c-listers who died, died They were […]

The reason for the season

December 22nd, 2014

As the pre-holiday rush has my back to the wall, diabetes and pregnancy let’s revisit a heartwarming gem from AT 1.0’s archives, originally posted on December 15, 2007: Today we have a little nugget of holiday cheer, in the form of “A Slay Ride with Santa” which appeared in Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #15 […]

Following the cinematic success of The Planet of the Apes, price Jack Kirby was inspired (with a little prodding by DC editor Carmine Infantino) to create a weird and wild riff on the franchise which occasionally transcended the source material. The same cannot be said for Stan Lee’s similar attempt to channel some of that […]

Best of AT: Feed your head

April 20th, 2014

(the following was originally posted to AT 1.0 back on March 23, this 2008) While I’ve used the above cover to The Unexpected #202 (September 1980) in at least two previous posts, I’ve actually never managed to get around to discussing the actual story to which it loosely refers. It’s a grevious omission on my […]

Just a reminder…

May 30th, 2013

Don’t look at me, ambulance man. Some of my best friends are cabbages. (from a Jack Schiff/Bernard Baily PSA in Tales of the Unexpected #94, nurse April-May 1966) To think there used to be a time when “long hair music” was associated with Bach and Rachmaninoff instead of Blackie Lawless and the Nuge…

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