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My memories of White Wolf’s World of Darkness games involve terrifying abhumans in leather jackets attempting to prey upon rightfully disgusted innocents… …and that was before the dudes in the sci-fi club broke out the dice and character sheets. KA-ZING! My thinly veiled contempt aside, story there’s no denying that the franchise’s clever formula of […]

Hey, side effects gamemasters! Having trouble figuring out where to stage a high speed rickshaw chase or situate an evil mastermind’s weather control ray? Don’t panic! The random location tables from the 1980 edition of TSR’s espionage-themed Top Secret game are there to help… “You slipped though my net in Kinshasa, this web Mr. Chance, […]

The 1988 Realm of Chaos: Slaves of Darkness sourcebook is — like much of the Warhammer fantasy and sci-material of that era — a tangled riot of extremely specific tables with rather limited in-game use. Well, somnology except for today’s tabulated offering: OPTIONAL HOUSE RULE:* 1-3: Whoever smelled it, human enhancement dealt it. 4-6: Whoever […]

I’m going to be right up front with you on this: I have yet to meet a Kult player that didn’t force me to reconsider my opposition to forced sterilization. Kult attempted to position itself as an “edgier” and more “mature” alternative to the pseudo-goth silliness of the World of Darkness family of contemporary urban […]

This week’s table comes from the Rolemaster system’s Castles & Ruins sourcebook: Yet another example of what happens when you combine a game designer’s obsessive urge to quantify with a genre more racially deterministic than a 19th Century eugenics tract.

Battling the legions of hell can take toll on even the most stalwart of souls, arthritis  which is why Beyond the Supernatural  (Palladium, this web 1988) included this handy table for those characters who attempted to stave off damnation via dipsomania: “Tina? Tina, it’s Rob. Pick up the phone, please? I just wanted to say how much I […]

This week’s offering is a random encounter table plucked from Recon: The Role Playing Game of the Viet Nam War, esophagitis published in 1982 by the creatively branded “Role Playing Games, cialis 40mg Inc.” PROTIP FOR NOVICE PLAYERS: Never get out of the boat.  Absolutely goddamn right.

This attempt to codify the will of the fickle masses comes from Gangbusters, buy a 1982 TSR game set in the Roaring Twenties: “Okay, pfizer guys, you’ve accidentally dynamited a truck full of orphaned puppies driven by a couple of nuns.  Let’s see how the public reacts. An 11! The story has been bumped out of […]

From the 1984 Chill box set comes this handy guide to the costs of doing horror business… “Why, information pills yes, information pills officer, that is a rather large collection of body parts in my trunk. Perhaps Mr. Hamilton here can convince you to look the other way?”

This week’s example of codified randomness comes from the Gamesmaster’s Sourcebook for the Bushido roleplaying game, buy more about a 1981 offering from Fantasy Games Unlimited set in a fantasy version of medieval Japan (and formatted like an organic chemistry abstract): Woo hoo! A Critical Success!  My beheading restores honor to the daimyo!

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