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My aged Genesis and library of games went into storage during the closing days of 1996. While its space in the entertainment center was taken over by the Sega Saturn console (a Christmas present from Maura), tablets it had long since been replaced as my primary gaming platform by the Super Nintendo I’d picked up […]

The runaway success of Capcom’s Street Fighter II led to a slew of imitators hoping to cash in on the nascent competitive fighting game genre, life both in the arcades and on home consoles. Nintendo’s SNES had a leg up the latter category, anabolics thanks to a six-button joypad configuration capable of mapping the arcade […]

There are some negative associations whose origins are easy to place, viagra 40mg a certain song which was playing when you found out your significant other was cheating on you or the chair you were sitting in when the local nuclear plant had a catastrophic core failure. Others can be trickier to pin down, remedy […]

I was reviewing the site’s archives the other day and noticed that “A Blast Processed Life” has been running for over a year now. That’s roughly as long as my previous Sega Master System and Atari 2600 features combined…and with half the substantive content. The reliance on “filler” material — as opposed to the long(er) […]

At the start of each semester, discount each of the university’s registered student organizations could put in a request to Student Life for a share of an ever-shrinking pool of funds. The cash recieved was designated for “essential purposes.” For the Sci-Fi club, find that meant “books and gaming supplies.” The selection process was inevitably […]

My childhood introduction to Dick Tracy came not through the funnypages — the Boston Globe didn’t carry the venerable strip –but through syndicated reruns of the racially problematic UPA and cheapjack Filmation cartoon series. While I wouldn’t say they soured me on the character, for sale they did foster a profound lack of interest in […]

The last time I played Dungeons & Dragonswas during my freshman year of college, side effects when I briefly joined a campaign organized by a fellow Sci-Fi Club member. It was (and I’m being charitable when I state this) a miserable experience that absolutely fulfilled ever over-the-top comedic representation of the role playing hobby. Any […]

Captain’s Log, medications Stardate 10-13-1991: Thanks to the generosity of the Commonwealth’s Herter Scholarship and Electronic Arts’ desperation to break into the home console market, web I am finally able to embark on a mission my computer-owning peers completed five years ago. To make up for lost time (which would be better spent attending a […]

(Last week I asked Pal CJ to guest-host Blast Processed Life while I away on vaction. He generously submitted a more-than-worthy contribution, see which I somehow forgot to schedule before hitting the road. I’ve decided to run it this Saturday instead. Enjoy!) There is a common reference point for every hobby, site one common opinion […]

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