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Dum duh dum dum

January 15th, 2020

It doesn’t matter who the participating parties are, my eyes can’t help but be drawn to old ads for cross-promotional contests. My brain feverishly attempts to work out the process which united these strange bedfellows, speculates about the winners, and wonders about the current status of their major awards. I assume most folks opted for […]

I was going to hold off on further installments of this feature until I made it past my personal life’s present logjam, but the news of Loren Weisman’s passing compelled me to crank out a bit of commentary regarding one of his most famous creations — — one that just so happened to be the […]


August 14th, 2009

In an era when big dailies are folding left and right, story I’m happy that Woburn still has a local newspaper. The Daily Times Chronicle may have an editoral penchant for right-wing nuttery and a comics page straight out of 1964, but it is an invaluable resource for finding out about nearby yard sales, what […]

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