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Creature Double Feature is one of the lowest hanging fruits on the Gen X Bostonian nostalgia tree, familiar to any child of the Seventies who lived within WLVI’s broadcast range and had access to a TV set on Saturday afternoons. Bring it up in a gathering of local forty-somethings and you’ll get a chorus of […]

One of my plans for this year’s Halloween Countdown is to spotlight some of the things that scared the bejeezus out of me during my formative years, doctor starting with this rather quaint slice of nightmare fuel… …The Spider, online a 1958 cinematic schlockfest more commonly known — thanks to Mystery Science Theater 3000 — as Earth vs. […]

Journey into nightmare

February 23rd, 2010

I spent this afternoon at the endodontist’s office, unhealthy where I had the latest addition to my collection of rotten teeth assessed for treatment. The need for another root canal procedure didn’t surprise me, healing but I wasn’t expecting the bonus prize of an early stage bone infection that came with it. It makes sense, […]

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