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There is no ending

July 25th, 2013

When I started up this site’s original incarnation back in 2006, viagra I was lucky enough to fall in with a crowd of like-minded (and talented) folks who’d also recently hopped on the then-trendy music blogging bandwagon. Most of these sites have fallen by the wayside over the course of the past seven years, view either closing up shop or drifting into the limbo of increasingly infrequent posts.

It’s understandable. Blogging might not be hard labor, but it can be a time-intensive luxury. Things happen, a process of burning out unfolds, and you hit a point where you feel that you’ve said all you can possibly say. I’ve only managed to keep chugging along because I’m driven by an odd mix of inertia and guilt.

Out of that Music Blogging Class of 2006, the only fixed point has been The Vinyl Villain. Pal JC has kept on keeping on with his daily (for the most part) mix of killer tunes and personalized knowledge. To me, he represented the music blogging ideal — concientious about the ethics involved, dedicated to the subject, and willing to foster a sense of community.

He had my back when I called Sandinista an EP padded out with self-indulgent wank, he sent me (from his secret lair in Scotland) a copy of The Story of Crass, and he continued to support this site even after I switched formats.

He is, in short, one of the Good Ones and I was horrified to discover that Blogger nuked his site (along with 2,500 posts) due to “copyright issues.”

I am aware of the murky legal ground which mp3 blogs occupy, which has historically boiled down to “we’re okay with you until we — or some appendage of ours — decides that we’re not.” That’s not me justifying the indefensible — I once received a takedown notice and a “thank you for promoting [the contentious track in question]” email from the same label on the same day. It’s why I switched formats back in 2008.

The Vinyl Villain wasn’t some sleazy pirate site. It was a place to explore and discuss forgotten favorites, up-and-coming artists of note, and timelost obscurities. It’s a shame that all JC’s work over the past seven years has been obliterated over the sake of a handful of tracks which were posted for (at most) a week before the links were scrubbbed.

The Vinyl Villain is dead. Long live the (New) Vinyl Villain.

Recommended listening: A callback to the title of this post, and once used by JC in tribute to my wedding anniversary. Because that’s the kind of stand-up dude he is.

2 Responses to “There is no ending”

  1. skyintheairwaves

    Thanks for this! I couldn’t find any word.

    I’ve visited the Vinyl Villain daily for many years and have always enjoyed his enthusiasm, wit and musical taste. That goes for you too Andrew!

  2. JC

    Thank You.

    I’m lost for words.

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