Armagideon Time

Hail, see fellow children of the cosmos! Are you ready to travel the roads between realities? Because it’s time for another installment of…

…in which I use the character creation rules in the Marvel Super Heroes RPG’s Ultimate Powers Book to roll up a random batch of powers and abilities, view then sit back and watch as some incredibly talented folks work their creative magic upon the quantified chaos.

This week’s bit of wonderful weirdness manifested from the minds of Thomas Deja (writing) and Chris “Chance” Brown (art).

N’we have always been with you.

N’we were here before you. When you come, anabolics N’we learn to disappear within your worlds, try to appear like you. N’we swallow themselves up in your refuse and appear invisible so they can live in peace, using the gifts they have been given to get by as outcast in the land the Higher Ones gave us.

Sometimes, N’we gives birth to one between N’we and your kind. Those poor souls straddle both worlds and belong to neither. Those poor souls eventually go mad.

Sky’ne is one of those. Sky’ne has skin of N’we, but long limbs and eyes of your kind. Sky’ne’s body, neither N’we or yours, is weak. Sky’ne finds the air hard to breathe, unable to tolerate the poisons within. If not for the intervention of other N’we, who make for Sky’ne something that prevented those poisons from entering Sky’ne body, he would have died.

Maybe death was for best. His troubles scare his parents, make them deny him. Sky’ne was not accepted by his mother,was shunned by his father. N’we without family cannot stay within N’we society.

Sky’ne tried to live in your world. Sky’ne’s N’we skin scares your kind, makes your kind harass and bedevil him.

Sky’ne goes mad.

Sky’ne’s gift is terrifying, but was not meant to be. The Higher Ones give Sky’ne the ability to bend and shape the world around him, sculpting those things into the shapes he desires. Sky’ne able to make things smaller. Sky’ne able to summon things to his hand and move them around with a wave of his hand.

If not for accident of birth, Sky’ne could be great artist, could be the maker of great things for N’we society. But Sky’ne is mad now. So Sky’ne wants to terrify both worlds that turned their backs on him.

Sky’ne sees the great shamans of your world, the ones blessed by the Higher Ones that call themselves Super-Heroes. Sky’ne sneaks into your places of learning after dark–an easy thing to do when you can bend doors and push aside glass. Sky’ne learns of something called magnetism, figures his abilities stem from being able to manipulate magnetic fields around objects.

Sky’ne has taken on a new name, has become an evil shaman. Sky’ne takes name from your language, calls himself ‘Spindle.’ Says it describes his powers, his purpose and his intention.

And Sky’ne will remake the world, and laugh while it screams.

(Wonderful words by Thomas Deja and astonishing art by Chris “Chance” Brown. UPJ logo provided by Dave Lartigue.)

Are you an artist, writer, or terrifying combination of the two who’d like to try your hand at the Ultimate Powers Jam? Then drop me a line at bitter(dot)andrew(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll commence the dice to rolling.

When I originally conceived this project, I didn’t think it would last more than a few weeks or involve anyone outside a small circle of internet pals. Now that it has entered its fourth month (and over thirty collaborative and solo assignments), it’s time for me to bang out a better organizational framework. That’s strictly behind the scenes stuff, but it will hopefully streamline things a bit in terms of getting stuff out to contributors and pairing up artists and writers.

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