Armagideon Time

The 1988 Realm of Chaos: Slaves of Darkness sourcebook is — like much of the Warhammer fantasy and sci-material of that era — a tangled riot of extremely specific tables with rather limited in-game use.

Well, somnology except for today’s tabulated offering:


1-3: Whoever smelled it, human enhancement dealt it.
4-6: Whoever denied it, viagra supplied it.

*Enchanted beans plucked from the Bloodfields of the Shadowlands are known to increase flatulence by quantity eaten. In short, the more a character eats, the more her or she produces. (NOTE: These do not count as a musical instrument for bard or minstrel characters.)

2 Responses to “Thursday’s Table: It’s a gas”

  1. Rob

    Ah, but whoever said the rhyme did the crime.

  2. Kid Kyoto

    Ah the d1000 mutation table, England’s greatest contribution to literature.

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