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This week’s table comes from the Rolemaster system’s Castles & Ruins sourcebook:

Yet another example of what happens when you combineĀ a game designer’s obsessiveĀ urge to quantify with a genre more racially deterministic than a 19th Century eugenics tract.

4 Responses to “Thursday’s Table: Calculate first, think later”

  1. Algerine

    There’s only a 10% drop off in effectiveness for men who are high? I figured it would have been more than that. How less effective are drunks?

  2. Prankster

    What the hell does that even mean? You had to add this modifier for everything someone of that race did?

  3. bitterandrew

    Just for endeavors involving fantasy under-the-table day labor.

    While some (inferior) GM’s might treat castle construction as a narrative time event using a couple of spot checks and maybe a handful of adventures dealing with major complications, a Rolemaster GM was expected to account for everything — from the exact mineral composition of the quarried stone to the stats of individual laborers to the condition of the Fjord F-150 ox cart the players used to transport said laborers from the Walton’s Market stableyard to the building site.

  4. damanoid

    I can only imagine the hurt and frustration that these casual racial stereotypes must have inflicted on young, emotionally vulnerable gnolls and halflings.

    Or troglodytes, if any of them could read. HAAAH! Seriously though, what the hell is the deal with troglodytes? Do they just not want to get jobs? Is that part of their culture?

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