Armagideon Time

The fright stuff

December 12th, 2019

“Slowly but inexorably crawling upon my consciousness and rising above every other impression, came a dizzying fear of the unknown; a fear all the greater because I could not analyse it, and seeming to concern a stealthily approaching menace; not death, but some nameless, unheard-of thing inexpressibly more ghastly and abhorrent.” – H.P. Lovecraft, “The Crawling Chaos”

2 Responses to “The fright stuff”

  1. Argh Sims

    The Wahlberg Horror

  2. Zeno

    Joey, Johnny, Danny, Donny, and Jordan, i.e. – “Jo(e)-D(a)n”.

    Coincidence, or were all they all grown from the same mad scientist’s laboratory stock of protean sludge?

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