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Getting to know her

July 17th, 2019

The kid likes leaving notes for people.

The kid likes Dig Dug, and wears a Tiny Arcade machine I got her on a lanyard.

The kid likes throwing one of my flannel shirts over me when she finds me napping on the sofa.

The kid likes sequins. And glue guns. And canvases to which she can apply the two.

The kid likes spooky stuff, and possibility of spotting a a real live(?) ghost.

The kid likes craft stores, with the same wide-eyed enthusiasm I used to approach a Toys R Us action figure aisle when I was a kid.

The kid likes my 60s freakbeat compilations, dancing to them before dinnertime and encouraging me to dance with her to the groovy beats.

The kid likes comics, reading them next to me on the sofa before breakfast and reading favorite stories aloud to Maura on long car rides.

The kid likes hugs, and looks for excuses to give them (though no excuse is required).

The kid likes Oliver the Rock Stupid Puppy, because someone has to.

9 Responses to “Getting to know her”

  1. Sol Bermann

    Sounds like life is more than good

  2. Randy Sims

    It’s great to hear some good news. So happy you are a family.

  3. Crowded House

    I’m so happy for you and Maura, Andrew.

  4. Zeno

    She sounds like a pretty cool kid. Must get it from her mom and dad.

  5. Radoye

    This put a smile on my face 🙂

  6. Ward Hill Terry

    You win!

  7. bruce

    Sounds like you’ve got this new life stuff completely under control. Congratulations, and all the very best to the three of you!

  8. Matthew Johnson

    Hugs are the best.

    Happy for you.

  9. Hey-its Mike

    Very happy for you and the Queen of Animals!

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