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Half post eleven

May 3rd, 2017

You know the drill. You start something on a whim. It gets some positive feedback. It becomes an obsession. For a brief moment, you feel like you’re on the verge of bigger things. You suffer a crisis of confidence and a cluster of setbacks. You try to re-tool things, but can never quite re-capture the your old mojo. Then you realize eleven years have passed and you have no idea why you’ve stuck it out for so long.

Okay, the last part isn’t entirely true. Armagideon Time exists because I need an outlet, one that’s beholden to nobody but yours truly. Having an audience and occasionally getting noticed are nice ego-boosters, but neither feel as critically important as they did when I launched this site…eleven years ago today.

The past twelve months have been one bumpy ride. The election. The root canal. The loss of the Big Red Dog and Little Baby Setzer. The spam hack that almost convinced me to shutter this place out of spite.

It hasn’t been entirely terrible, though. I had a highly praised story (with Daniel Butler and Josh Krach) in last Halloween’s Boo! anthology, and have two others awaiting publication. Maura and I started the process for adopting a child from foster care. We got ourselves an absurd but sweet Chihuahua/Dachshund mix flown up from a rescue organization in Texas. I’ve also been fortunate to have a pretty amazing constellation of friends and fellow travelers in my life. It hasn’t entirely dispelled the prevailing feelings of sorrow and dread, but it has helped mitigate them immensely.

I still haven’t managed to find the right work-life balance to maintain this site as I would like to going forward, but I’m making progress toward that goal. The new wave of Ultimate Powers Jam entries got tripped up by unforssen events, but should be resuming shortly. (If you’re an artist who’d like to participate, I have a short stack of nifty write-ups to choose from.) There are a couple of new ongoing features in the pipeline, though I’d really like to get back to the days of one-off silliness.

And, yes, I still need to scrub the spam vandalism from the site’s archives.

That’s all ahead, though. For now, I’d like to thank everyone who has supported this site over the past eleven years. Even if I’ve relegated myself to a niche player, it’s still nice knowing that some folks appreciate my particular niche.

(And if you are familiar with how these anniversary posts work, I shouldn’t need to tell you to check out the first comment before a week elapses.)

4 Responses to “Half post eleven”

  1. bitterandrew

    Grab it while you can.

  2. EAG46

    The best part of that movie was seeing Peter Ustinov wander a ruined Capitol building with his pack of cats. And poor Michael York and Jenny Augitter staring at him and them with “What the….” expressions on their faces.

  3. Christopher Pinkleton

    Happy anniversary!

    I’m a niche human being.

  4. Crowded House

    Belated happy anniversary, and thanks for still doing this. I’m sorry the last year hasn’t been great but I wish you the best in the year to come.

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