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Copy and delete

May 16th, 2016

Over and over again, we’ve been told that piracy was going to destroy the music industry.

Based on the following excerpt from a 1987 Billboard feature on illegal taping…

…I find myself wondering if that oft-threatened destruction wouldn’t have been for the best.

I don’t care how interesting the Nigerian list of pirated albums is. The very idea that there could ever have been a thriving market for Simply Red bootlegs is enough to justify a global extinction event.

3 Responses to “Copy and delete”

  1. Jon H

    “Sentencing is postponed until Genesis releases their next album.”

  2. Chris Wuchte

    I think Sad George Benson may be my favorite thing today.

  3. SJB

    Sunny Okosuns “which way Nigeria” is a fave song of mine…no lie

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