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Blimpy the “Bungling Buddha” was created by Sy Reit, and debuted in Quality’s Feature Comics #64 (January 1943).

Blimpy was an ancient Chinese statue brought to life after a pugnacious tyke named Tabby Tyler decided to try out the mythical Pygmalion’s arcane incantation (“Oggle doggie woggle ibbidy bibbidy sibbidy sab, dictionary down the ferry, out goes ipso facto with the floy-floy”) at a local museum.

(In ancient myth, Pygmalion wanted to bring his statue to life so he could stick his bone in that sweet stone. Make of that what you will in terms of Tabby and Blimpy.)

While his strip shared similar slapstick elements with Plastic Man’s more popular antics, Blimpy was not technically a superhero. His adventures were more of the “strange visitor” school of comedy so popular with mid-1960s sitcom writers.

Blimpy had an oversexed girlfriend named “Diamond Eyes.”

Blimpy’s run in Feature Comics spanned nearly seventy issues across six years. There are more pages of Blimpy material than there are pages of Watchmen, Baker Street or All-Star Superman.

You might think that Blimpy’s nickname and origin might suggest the presence of some problematic racial and cultural elements in his stories.

Kids, you don’t know the half of it.

I can’t decisively prove that Ted Sturgeon was referring to Blimpy in particular when he coined his famous law of quality content, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he was. This tone-deaf and stone-carved exercise in insensitive anti-humor is very much a 90-percenter in the crap-versus-quality stakes, and a true disciple of the Ignoble Gatefold Path of Nobody’s Favorites.

5 Responses to “Nobody’s Favorites: Koan and forgotten”

  1. Tom

    Well, it wouldn’t do if Doll Man’s back-up features were less lame than Doll Man.

  2. stavner

    The Bloated Behemoth of Badness!

  3. SJB

    Some things indeed are best left in the trashbin of history

  4. Mike Podgor

    I think this is the first time I’ve read one of this entries and immediately thought, “Well, that’s it. This is the worst comic I’ve actually ever seen.”

  5. athodyd

    The only problem with Sturgeon’s Law is that 90% figure is definitely low-balling it.

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