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A Most Modest Flower: Day 26

February 26th, 2016

(from “Flight” by Tom Peyer, Jeffrey Moy and W. C. Carani in Legionnaires #23, March 1995)

“Can we just go back to the lime green miniskirt?”

Sequences like the above were the reason I adored this era of the Legion. There were plenty of quips about the “Archie-fication” of the team, but I appreciated that the new approach foregrounded the “teenagers” part of the “teenagers in outer space” premise. The Silver Age LSH tales (even the ones written by Jim Shooter, who was a teenager at a time) shared DC’s general cluelessness in the face of youth culture, and the Bronze Age stories had more of a “college days” vibe to them.

The post-Zero Hour Legion also took pains to define the individual personalities and quirks of the ever-growing cast of characters, something the incarnations of the franchise never entirely succeeded at in a comprehensive manner. (It also didn’t help that Paul Levitz’s odd writing style tended to make everyone sound like they had some form of spectrum disorder.) Every character in the above page conveys some core personality trait, expressed by dialogue, body language, or both.

It was Degrassi Junior High dressed up with sci-fi superhero trappings, which is probably the ideal state for the Legion of Super-Heroes franchise.

3 Responses to “A Most Modest Flower: Day 26”

  1. CG

    I could never warm to Jeff Moy’s art, sadly. Something about the faces put his people right into uncanny valley territory for me. Same thing happened years later when he penciled the Legion/Star Trek crossover.

  2. Viru

    My fav Legion era ever this. Leggionaires / Legion… love Jeff Moy, Monstress, the Mordu Saga, lovestruck Ferro, the shy and lovely Violet (my fav female Legionnaire too!)… Kinetic was cool too.


    Moy’s work here puts me in mind of an Adam Huges/Alan Davis mashup.

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