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There are numerous works which inspired me to create Armagideon Time and continue to influence it in tangible ways. Calamity Jon’s Gone & Forgotten and Ben Is Dead’s Retro Hell both loom large on that front,as do Tom Englehart’s The End of Victory Culture, Greil Marcus’s Lipstick Traces, the Paradox Press Big Book series and […]

On the last day of November 1988, my mother died after a drunken tumble down a flight of stairs and my father was sent up to the VA hospital to get his head back on straight. He eventually moved on to a series of halfway houses in South Boston while he started a new career […]

1986 was a significant year in my geeky evolution. Not only did it mark my belated introduction to Dungeons & Dragons (thanks to a deeply discounted copy of the Basic Set found in an Osco Drug clearance aisle), but it also brought a new set of geeky pals and a part-time job which made it […]

Of the course of this feature, I’ve made several references to the Great Back Issue Buying Spree of the late 1990s. It was a significant event in the development of my comics fandom, yet it began due to a chance turn of events. Sometime during the summer of 1997 or so, I was supposed to […]

My plan to get the Nobody’s Favorite feature back on a regular schedule seems to have gone off the rails, but I’m feeling confident about serving up more frequent updates going forward. This being December, however, means that it’s the time of the year when the script gets flipped and I shine a little love […]

In a age where comics creators regularly embarrass themselves on social media platforms, we would do well to ponder the counter example set by the Steve Ditko. Here was a man who stood shoulder to shoulder with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in trailblazing the Marvel Age of Comics, yet never courted the self-promotional spotlight […]

Nobody’s Favorite: Null and zoid

September 30th, 2015

Armagideon Time’s 10th (?!?) Annual Halloween Countdown starts tomorrow, but I thought I’d take a break from my preparatory crypt-rummaging to squeak out a quick installment of this (sadly neglected as of late) litany of funnybookdom’s lost and the damned. This week we’re returning to the bottomless advertainment abyss of 1980s toy tie-ins with Marvel’s […]

The comics industry’s shift to direct market distribution was transformative on nearly every level, and its effects — for both good and ill — are still being felt some thirty-odd years later. The protracted and painful collapse of the old newsstand distribution model was symptomatic of a broader decline in the periodical business, though most […]

This post marks the sixth anniversary of Nobody’s Favorites. To commemorate this event, I’ve decided to follow Pal Dave’s suggestion and shine some harsh light on a decidedly un-funnybook which I’ve danced around on previous occasions. That comic is Kingdom Come… …Mark Waid and Alex Ross’s serious answer to the most ludicrous of questions. Yes, […]

If it is possible for a comic to straddle the ill-defined line between Nobody’s Favorite and Nobody Else’s Favorite… … Ace’s Atomic War! would be that comic. The short-lived series hit the stands at a moment when Cold War paranoia and lurid funnybook fare were approaching their hysteria-inducing high-water marks, and it shows. From the […]

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